Banda sonora

01- Crawl (Carry me through) by Superchick: para Christian y Willhelm. After XYZ.

02- What if the Storm ends? by Snow Patrol. After XYZ.

03- Savin' me by Nickelback: para Adrián. Bromas Aparte.

04- Utopia by Within Temptation (ft. Chris Jones): para Adrián. Bromas Aparte.

05- Sapphire by Kalafina. What seems to be dreams.

06- Simple & Clean by Hikaru Utada (Remix by Outsyder). Violeta.

07- Dearly Beloved by Hikaru Utada (Remix). Violeta.

08- A Thousand Years by Christina Perri: para Christian y Willhelm. After XYZ.

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